The Perfect Pair
Take Control of Your Indoor Plant Lighting With URBARN Pro Series Linear and Nano XL-500 Spectroradiometer. Learn more.

A Breed Apart.

Indoor farming is more than a business, it’s a lifestyle. At URBARN™, we model our approach to horticultural lighting on the values and work ethic of today’s growers. We’re relentlessly focused on operational efficiency and productivity, and intentionally plugged into our community of like-minded and self-reliant business owners.
Flexibility in Control, Power & Spectrum
Our Pro and Garden Series fixtures are customizable tools, allowing the grower to optimize their crop and grow the way they want to.
LED technology has expanded the limits of what’s possible in horticultural lighting, both in terms of energy efficiency and crop yield. At URBARN, we’re focused on giving you control of the possibilities—with energy savings as robust as your plant growth.