The beauty of URBARN?
You decide. Tweak the number of lights, placement, cycles and run times through the app — do what works based on the needs of your plants. We're here to facilitate and offer advice, but ultimately you're at the wheel to drive results.

Take Control

Indoor farmers already know that light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are more efficient than conventional lighting systems, substantially lowering energy costs. But URBARN’s Pro Series light solutions don’t stop at energy savings. Our five-channel LED lights allow you to customize the spectrum of light to each plant’s needs. Tweak the number of lights, spectrum, placement, cycles and run-times through the app—do what works based on the needs of your plants during every phase of their growth and development. With URBARN™, the savings are as healthy as your crops.

• Custom spectral light qualities 
• High photoelectric conversion efficiencies
• Low thermal output
• Adjustable light intensities 
• Facility cost reduction 
• Reduce energy consumption/costs 


You've seen the app, now see the light!