URBARN Nano XL-500 Spectroradiometer
  • URBARN’s XL-500 is an ultra-compact Bluetooth Spectroradiometer based on disruptive digital-nano convergence technology. It provides feedback for growers by showing PPFD in real time—plus allows visualization of the spectral chart for quick reference.
  • The XL-500 is easy and convenient to use as a portable device or as a spectrum recorder, and includes a free Android/iOS App, internal memory, and a long-lasting rechargeable battery. It is individually calibrated and provides device-to-device repeatability. The features and performance are comparable to conventional industry equipment.
  • The tiny BLE spectroradiometer XL-500 measures and records light spectrum with absolute power values, not only SPD (W/m2/nm) but also PAR/PPFD (umol/m2/s/nm) and DLI measurements for agriculture.


Model: URBARN Nano XL-500
Description: URBARN Nano XL-500 Spectroradiometer

Dimensions & Weight: Nano XL-500 (Carrying Case)

Width: 1.02"/26mm (3"/76.2mm)
Length: 1.55"/39mm (4.63"/117.5mm)

Height: .63"/16mm (1"/25.4mm)
Weight: .99oz/28g (1.5oz/43g)




Wavelength range
Dynamic range
Integration time
Measurement interval
FOV (field of view)
Power consumption
Operation temperature


380 - 850nm
> 100:1
> 1000:1
250us~, manual or auto
Min. 100ms
> +/- 60 degree
76uA @standby mode; 25mA@full operation
0˚C ~ 60˚C

Kit Includes

URBARN Nano XL-500 Spectroradiometer
Protective Carrying Case
USB Power Adapter
Easy-to-Use Bluetooth App
Quick-Start Instructions
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