URBARN™ Garden Series 2.0 Panel™ (Red Grow/Bloom)

  • A total 800W of power availability make the Garden Series 2.0 Grow/Flower one of the few horticultural fixtures available that can cover any need

  • Includes high-power 625 and 660 nanometer red diodes on an adjustable channel to take plants smoothly and quickly to maturation

  • 730 nanometer red diodes are also included in the channel to ensure balanced growth and maximum supplemental photonic energy during flower through harvest

  • An optional fixture-mounted potentiometer allows for spectrum control throughout the growing cycle and the expanded panel design offers consistent coverage over any canopy

URBARN LED Growth Light: An LED growth light and method for providing light to plants. Covered by: US Patent. Publication 2020/0386394 A1

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Grow & Bloom (Full Spectrum)
Grow & Bloom (White Only)


Model: URBARN™ Garden Series 2.0 Panel™ (Red Grow/Flower)
Part Number: GS4P-9L5H-xxxx-xxx
Description: URBARN Garden Series 4’ Panel Horticultural Luminaire

Spectrum: Fixed or adjustable – Veg, Flower or Full
Dimming: 0/1-10V Source and Fixture (Potentiometer or Wall Control)

Warranty: 5 Year
Certifications: ETL, cETL, Dry/Damp



AC Cables

  • Cable only, 8' or 12' (special order)
  • 8', 12' (special order); preassembled with 5P, 6P, or 7P plug per specification 

Mounting Hardware

  • Galvanized Cable System - Paddle (standard)
  • Rope Ratchet (special order)
Glass Lens (low iron, tempered, ultra clear)
  • Garden Series Panel Lens




Grow plants, shrink costs.

Your state or region may award rebates for using our energy efficient lights in your indoor farm.

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