URBARN Pro Series 4' Linear
  • Gives focused power with the flexibility of being adapted to any plant or growing style
  • Its high-bay design style, 5-channel spectrum Bluetooth control, total fixture dimming and almost 500W of power make it a versatile and powerful tool
  • Offers maximum control of the quantity and quality of light delivered during the growing cycles
  • Features a wide range of nanometer inclusion (from 385UVA – 830 Infrared)
  • Ability to preset or instantly control single lights, groups, or all lights in a facility from our Bluetooth-enabled app
  • Fixture control via Android, iOS (iPhone) or a comparable tablet/pad
  • Password-protected accounts to ensure your data and routines are secure
  • Specific channels dedicated to broad white, UV/blue, near-red and far-red high-power LED diodes provide the ultimate in effective and progressive canopy illumination

  • Can accept sequential commands such as sunrise, sunset, on, off, preprogrammed routines and more

URBARN LED Growth Light: An LED growth light and method for providing light to plants. Covered by: US Patent. Publication 2020/0386394 A1

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Full Spectrum
Blue Only
White Only
Red Only


Model: URBARN Pro Series 4' Linear
Part Number: PS4L-5L1A-xxxx-xxx
Description: URBARN Pro Series 4’ Linear Horticultural Luminaire

Spectrum: Grower-adjusted spectrum 
Dimming: App-controlled; adjustable from 1-100% with additional 5 individual-column adjustability

Warranty: 5 Year
Certifications: ETL, cETL, Dry/Damp



AC Cables

  • Cable only, 8' or 12' (special order)
  • 8', 12' (special order); preassembled with 5P, 6P, or 7P plug per specification 

Jumper Cables (if ordered), 4' or 6'

Mounting Hardware

  • Galvanized Cable System - Round (standard)
  • Stainless Steel Adjustable Loop (special order)
  • Rope Ratchet (special order)
Glass Lens (low iron, tempered, ultra clear)
  • Pro Series Linear Lens




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