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What is your product designed for?

Our product is designed with a variable spectrum allowing for the adjustment by the grower to plant-specific requirements.

Is LED better than traditional HPS or HID?

Yes. LED allows for more targeted spectrum, reduction in heat and reduction in energy consumption.

Do you have any grow facilities that have converted to your lights that we can see?

Yes, we have growers throughout Michigan that we can connect you with who have experience with our horticultural lights. Contact our sales group to identify a grower in your area.

Do you sell retail?

Yes, we sell both retail and wholesale. Our focus is on the professional grower who is looking for a solution that allows for flexibility and experimentation. If interested, contact our sales group for details or a referral to an electrical contractor.

Where is your product made?

Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are proud of our Michigan heritage!

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, our product carries a 5 Year warranty.

Five year warranty

Every URBARN™ horticultural light is designed, engineered, and built by Abundant Lighting, LLC, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. We use the finest materials from around the world to ensure you have the most advanced technology available. All URBARN™ lighting products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for five (5) years from date of purchase.
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