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5-Channel Limitless Spectrum Possibilities With Individual And Full Fixture Dimming
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LED technology has expanded the limits of what’s possible in horticultural lighting, both in terms of energy efficiency and crop yield. At URBARN, we’re focused on giving you control of the possibilities—with energy savings, efficacy and spectrum control to maximize both quality and profitability.  Take a look:

The All New 2023 Pro Series iFlex

What makes Pro Series iFlex different?
Countless password-protected spectrum possibilities for all growth phases … from our exclusive 800 watt 5-channel power supply — to 5-channel boards — across 5 boards — on 1 fixture.

The 2023 Garden Series Grid

Take plants from inception to harvest with a 2-channel fixture with proven high power nanometer color blends that can cover it all.

Flexibility in Control, Power & Spectrum

Our Pro and Garden Series fixtures are customizable tools, allowing growers to provide the best light for their plants.

Pro Series

The best LED technology, maximum spectrum manipulation, advanced and secure fixture control available.

URBARN Pro Series 5-channel fixtures offer the ultimate in spectrum control for plants at every stage of growth.

Garden Series

Always 2-output channels, with proven high power red or blue nanometer blends and plenty of power for each to maximize spectrum possibilities.

Why Urbarn?

We’ve distilled the self-reliance of the American farmer to technology that delivers custom-spectrum light designed to optimize healthy indoor plant growth and sustainability. Controlling the spectrum of light means controlling your destiny as a grower. When you grow to your greatest potential, we grow to ours.
Values Are Earned

We're big on walking the talk. Having a shared set of values drives everything we do for (and with) you.

Truth is Our Compass

Integrity. We're ethical, honest and accountable to each other and our customers.

Where We Come From

Authenticity. Translation: No BS. We aim for a genuine humbleness from product design to sales and service.

It Always Crops Up

Quality. We strive to be outstanding in our field as a partner on a mission to grow healthy and sustainable plants.

Respect The Planet

Energy. Limiting the amount of energy consumption per light is a good thing. Your investment is for the long haul— what's good for The Planet fuels your bottom line.

Our Customers Feedback

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Nationwide Shipping

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Total Customer Support

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Pro Series Technology

Control your Spectrum

BLE mesh allows for wireless control of multiple fixtures.  Individual control of 5 separate channels along with total fixture dimming make the URBARN Pro Series perfect for the serious grower.

Garden Series

The Industry Workhorse -

Always 2-output channels, with proven high power red or blue nanometer blends and plenty of power for each to maximize spectrum possibilities.

URBARN™ is a Michigan-based lighting developer passionate about delivering efficient LED solutions to America’s growers.

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