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Our products are designed with variable light spectrums that allow for periodic adjustments during a grow cycle.  This permits growers to apply the right lighting emphasis during each stage of growth.

In short? Yes. Led indoor and greenhouse lighting allow for controllable and more targeted lighting either as a supplement, or as the sole source of light for an indoor crop. One of the greatest benefits is a significant reduction in energy consumption and reduction of heat generated by the light.

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We are proud of our Michigan heritage and look for suppliers located in the state and from North American producers.

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No two plants have exactly the same lighting needs over the course of their grow cycles.

For example, many plants in their early vegetative stage require increased levels of the blue portion of the lighting spectrum (400-500nm). This allows them to get a strong, bushy start with great root development, sturdy stems and branches and prepare themselves for the weight and structure needed to support the flower cycle(600-700nm).

Later stages of maturity and development require increased levels of the red portion of the lighting spectrum for a bountiful flower cycle or harvest.

In nature, the amount and duration of light plants get is largely controlled by the time of day and season of the year.  URBARN fixtures essentially let you "bring the sun indoors". 

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