URBARN™ Garden Series

You're in Control

Compact, powerful, URBARN™ Garden Series™ fixtures are all about versatility. Both medium- and high-efficiency LED diodes provide balance and consistent canopy coverage. Supported by a 5-year warranty, URBARN™ Garden Series 1.0 and 2.0 fixtures allow you to optimize your crop—and grow the way you want to.

  • Minimum two-channel spectrum control
  • Single-channel fixture dimming
  • Simple on/off power switch
  • Aluminum and powder-coated steel fixture
  • High-power, premium supplemental color LEDs
  • Spectrum configurations for a variety of growth cycles and plant species
  • Selected spectrums include far-red and/or UVA LEDs (dependent on model selected)
  • Two power options include 400w and 800w
  • Balanced PPFD canopy delivery
  • Veg, Grow/Flower spectrum configurations available